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  • Precast Double-Tee Parking Garage Repairs
  • Failed Flange Connectors
  • Drainage Improvement
  • Concrete Repairs
Precast Double-Tee Parking Garage Repairs1 Failed Flange Connectors2 Drainage Improvement3 Concrete Repairs4


Project: Rehabilitation of Whole Foods Garage
1101 South Canal Street 
Chicago, Illinois
Client: BlackRock
Services:  Structural Peer Review and Design, Preparation of Bid Documents, Bidding Assistance, and Overseeing the Construction

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to peer review an engineering evaluation report and provide a second opinion regarding repair options and recommendations. The parking garage is relatively a  new three-level precast parking garage with pre-topped double-T decks.  It provides  approximately 330 parking spaces for customers. The problems associated with the garage included concrete delamination, failed T-to-T joint sealants, failed expansion joints, differential elevation between adjacent double-T flanges, and high chloride levels for both elevated decks. 

The original evaluation report indicated that some of the double-T flange stainless steel connectors were failed along the welds. However, no explanation was given why they failed. Review of the construction documents revealed that the design of the roof deck was changed during the construction to allow emergency fire trucks over the roof deck. SEE found out that the same standard passenger-car flange connectors were specified and used for both roof and intermediate levels. We recommended contacting the original contractor to repair the connectors immediately and not to allow trucks over the roof until appropriate repairs are done. In the meantime, the ownership approved to proceed with other repairs that included improvement of surface drainage

SEE provided structural peer review and condition assessment, prepared the repaired bid documents for the parking garage, assisted the owner with bidding the project, and oversaw the construction.