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Project: Exterior Masonry Facade Repair
720 Butterfield Road 
Lombard, Illinois
Client: St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company
Services:  Structural Evaluation and Design, Preparation of Bid Documents, Bidding Assistance, and Overseeing the Construction

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to provide a second opinion regarding the existing condition of the exterior prefabricated reinforced masonry panels. the exterior facade consisted of masonry spandrel panels between the concrete columns and masonry wall panels covering the concrete columns and walls of a five-story post-tensioned parking garage. The masonry panels exhibited extensive cracking and spalling that created an unsafe condition around the parking garage. 

The first well-established engineering firm recommended removing all masonry panels and replacing them with precast concrete panels as a best long-term solution. However, it was a very expensive repair option. Hence, the ownership wanted to know whether there is a better way to repair the panels cost-effectively. After evaluating existing conditions and reviewing internal reinforcing and steel framing  SEE came up with an innovative long-term repair option where the prefabricated masonry panels can be repaired successfully and protected without replacing them at a fraction of replacement cost. 

The ownership retained SEE to prepare repair documents and oversee the construction. The repair program included repairing of deteriorated and cracked masonry units, masonry joint repairs, masonry unit replacement, masonry coating, and sealing. The repair work was completed in two construction phases. 

SEE provided masonry facade evaluation and condition assessment, prepared the repaired bid documents for the exterior prefabricated masonry panels, assisted the owner with bidding the project, and oversaw the construction.