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  • Residential High-rise Buildings
  • Exterior Concrete Facade Evaluation
  • Concrete Facade Repairs
  • Concrete Facade Deterioration
  • Concrete Slab Edge Corrosion
  • Concrete Cracking
  • Concrete Balcony Repairs
Residential High-rise Buildings1 Exterior Concrete Facade Evaluation2 Concrete Facade Repairs3 Concrete Facade Deterioration4 Concrete Slab Edge Corrosion5 Concrete Cracking6 Concrete Balcony Repairs7


Project: South Commons 
Chicago, Illinois
Client: The Habitat Company
Services:  Structural Evaluation and Design, Preparation of Bid Documents, Bidding Assistance, and Overseeing the Construction

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to evaluate the existing condition of the exterior facade of five residential high-rise buildings and recommend repair options. The concrete facade of the buildings exhibited extensive cracking and spalling that created an unsafe condition around the buildings. 

After a close-up review of the facade and concrete testing, SEE issued a comprehensive report addressing the problems associated with each high-rise building including concrete facade, railing, windows, and balconies. The report included repair recommendations and cost estimates for the recommended repair options. After reviewing the investigative report, our client authorized us to prepare bid documents for the rehabilitation of the high-rise buildings.

SEE provided concrete facade evaluation and condition assessment, prepared the repaired bid documents for the exterior facade repairs, assisted the owner with bidding the project, and oversaw the construction.