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  • Historic Terra Cotta Facade
  • Terra Cotta Evaluation
  • Exterior Facade Assessment
  • Deteriorated Terra Cotta Units
  • Deteriorated Roof Wood Framing
  • Terra Cotta Facade Repairs
  • Terra Cotta Restoration
Historic Terra Cotta Facade1 Terra Cotta Evaluation2 Exterior Facade Assessment3 Deteriorated Terra Cotta Units4 Deteriorated Roof Wood Framing5 Terra Cotta Facade Repairs6 Terra Cotta Restoration7


Project: Exterior Terra Cotta Facade Restoration
1101 Lake Street 
Oak Park, Illinois
Client: Shaker Management Company
Services:  Structural Evaluation and Design, Preparation of Restoration Documents, Contract Negotiating Assistance, and Overseeing the Construction.

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to evaluate existing condition of severely deteriorated historic terra cotta facade of a five-story office building in the downtown of the city. Deteriorated and broken terra cotta pieces posed an immediate danger to the public. Upon our recommendation a protective canopy was erected immediately to protect the public from falling terra cotta pieces.

After a thorough evaluation  SEE recommended repairing the whole exterior facade in order to restore the integrity of the facade. We came up with an innovative long-term repair option where the exterior facade can be restored and protected successfully without replacing it completely. 

The ownership retained SEE to prepare restoration documents, negotiate the contract with a terra cotta restoration contractor, and oversee the construction. The restoration program included repairing deteriorated and cracked terra cotta units, joint repairs, corroded anchor replacement, deteriorated roof framing, backup wall replacement, and terra cotta sealing.  

SEE provided terra cotta facade evaluation and condition assessment, prepared the restoration documents for the exterior facade, contract negotiation assistance, and oversaw the construction.