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  • Flood Damage Assessment
  • Basement Flooding
  • House Flooding
  • Structural Assessment
  • Foundation Wall Cracking
  • Horizontal Wall Cracking
  • Epoxy Crack Injection
  • Foundation Wall Repairs
  • New Foundation Walls
Flood Damage Assessment1 Basement Flooding2 House Flooding3 Structural Assessment4 Foundation Wall Cracking5 Horizontal Wall Cracking6 Epoxy Crack Injection7 Foundation Wall Repairs8 New Foundation Walls9


Project: Moorman Residence
Dyer, Indiana
Client: Kelly Law Offices 
Services:  Structural Evaluation, Structural Failure Analysis, Litigation Support, and Expert Witness Services.

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to evaluate the damage to the foundation walls after flooding and provide litigation support and expert witness services.

After a heavy storm the subdivision flooded and the street water level started rising gradually to the top of the first step of the front stoop. Although the sump pump was working, the basement was flooded over night. After the street water receded the water in the basement was pumped out. After pumping the water out the owner noticed a horizontal crack on the foundation walls around the house at six feet above the basement floor and significant sand infiltration in the basement. SEE determined how the sand infiltrated into the basement and the cause of horizontal cracking. The basement walls needed to be strengthened immediately to maintain structural integrity of the house.    

SEE worked closely with the attorneys representing the owner to provide litigation support and expert witness services. We prepared expert opinion statement and testified in a deposition.