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  • Historical Rehabilitation
  • Historical Restoration
  • Historical Condition Assessment
  • Historical Preservation
Historical Rehabilitation1 Historical Restoration2 Historical Condition Assessment3 Historical Preservation4


Historic buildings and structures are the fabric of our past. They represent our way of life, culture, significant events, and memories. They are our national treasures, as such they should be preserved for the future generations. Within the guidelines of "The Secretary of Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties," we provide innovative but practical long-term solutions to preserve, restore, rehabilitate, and reconstruct historic buildings and structures.



  • Existing Condition assessment
  • Material testing and analysis 
  • Historical technical data and research 
  • Determination of appropriate treatment and
    protection standard
  • Historic property HASB/HAER documentations 
  • Preparation of technical and contract documents 
  • Construction observation and contract administration 
  • Historic buildings and structures 
  • Building entrances and porches 
  • Exterior facade and storefronts 
  • Structural Systems and components 
  • Historic statues and sculptures 
  • Historic materials and finishes 
  • Windows and cladding systems