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  • Walter Payton's Roundhouse
  • Existing Roof Trusses
  • Interior Stone Wall
  • Stone Wall Settlement and Cracking
  • Historic Stone Wall Restoration
  • Historic Roundhouse Rehabilitation
  • New Addition
  • New Composite Metal Deck
  • Court Yard Stone Wall
Walter Payton's Roundhouse1 Historic Stone Roundhouse Rehabilitation2 Interior Stone Wall3 Stone Wall Settlement and Cracking4 Historic Stone Wall Restoration5 Historic Roundhouse Rehabilitation6 New Addition7 New Composite Metal Deck8 Court Yard Stone Wall9


Project: Walter Payton's Roundhouse
Aurora, Illinois
Client: Roundabout Invest Co.
Services:  Structural Analysis and Design, Preparation of Restoration Documents, and Overseeing the Construction

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to provide structural design services to rehabilitate and restore the only historical stone roundhouse in the country.

Our services included evaluation of exterior stone facade, interior masonry facade, wrought iron roof trusses, cast iron columns and arches, and wood pile foundation. In addition, our services included design of second floor steel framing for office space, new foundation design, timber loft design, evaluation and repair of exterior stone wall settlement, and design of first floor slab on grade. The project won the national historical award.

SEE prepared structural drawings and details for the roundhouse complex rehabilitation and oversaw the restoration.