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  • North Ribbon Screen
  • South Jumbotron Steel Framing
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Project: Jumbotron Scoreboards
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan
Client: Michigan State University
Services:  Structural Analysis and Design, Preparation of Bid Documents, Bidding Assistance, and Overseeing the Construction

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to design three different new jumbotron scoreboards for the Spartan Stadium. The south scoreboard was approximately 140 feet wide by 60 feet high and 60 feet above the ground level. The north scoreboard included two 84 feet wide by 40 feet high boards (50 feet above the ground level) and a 15 feet high by 430 feet long ribbon screen. The ribbon screen was over the entire north side of the stadium.

The south and north megatron scoreboards were designed as a free-standing structure with deep caisson foundation. On the other hand, the ribbon screen was attached to the stadium concrete structure. Therefore, the existing concrete structure and foundation needed to be checked to make sure that they have adequate structural capacity to support the additional load. SEE analyzed the scoreboards for lateral directional wind, earthquake, and snow/ice loads by modeling them in an advanced structural analysis and design program.

MSU originally requested the columns for the scoreboard structures to be reinforced concrete to match the stadium structure with independent caisson foundations. However, after bidding the contractor purposed to build the columns with steel trusses and the north scoreboards with helical piers as a cost saving measure. MSU accepted the cost saving substitute and we worked with the contractor to redesign the north scoreboard foundations and concrete columns.

SEE prepared the designed bid  documents for the scoreboards, assisted the MSU with bidding the project and oversaw the construction.