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  • Roof Collapse
  • Lightning Damage
  • New Third Floor
  • New Roof Trusses
  • New Wood Trusses
  • New Apartment Building
Roof Collapse1 Lightning Damage2 New Third Floor3 New Roof Trusses4 New Wood Trusses5 New Apartment Building6


Project: Prospect Commons
Mount Prospect, Illinois
Client: Shaker Management Company
Services:  Structural Evaluation, Preparation of Bid Documents, and Overseeing the Construction

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to assess structural condition of a three-story residential apartment building with 42 units after the roof collapse. The roof collapsed over the third floor after getting struck by a lightning during a heavy storm. Much of the roof and third floor were destroyed by the fire and water from the storm. The structural framing below the third floor sustained heavy water damages. The storm water flooded the basement and destroyed all the building utility systems and equipments.

SEE performed a thorough structural condition evaluation to determine whether the building can be salvaged. After careful consideration, SEE determined that the structure below the third floor and building foundation can be safe with some repairs. However, the third floor and roof needed to be replaced completely. Based upon our recommendations the ownership decided to proceed with the repairs.

Phase one of the repair construction included stabilizing the lower levels by shoring and lateral bracing in order to rebuild the third floor and roof. After the completion of new third floor and roof phase two of the construction started which included repairs to the lower level structural framing and foundations. SEE prepared the repair documents and oversaw the repairs during the construction.