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  • Reserve Study
  • Property Assessment
  • Prepurchase Condition Assessment
  • Prepurchase Condition Evaluation
Reserve Study1 Property Assessment2 Prepurchase Condition Assessment3 Prepurchase Condition Evaluation4


Our Strong background and extensive experience in construction science and building structures gives us a unique opportunity to assist financial institutions, lenders, investors, and owners when they purchase, refinance, or sell their properties. Our reports clearly state whether the structure meets the current code and regulatory requirements, structural and related deficiencies, recommendations for short-term and long-term remedial items, and cost analysis. We help you protect your funds, identify and manage your risks, and improve your profits and tax benefits.



1. Existing Condition Assessment

  • Visual review of roofing and waterproofing, exterior facades, floors, and structural framing systems, foundations, and pavements

  • Review of original construction documents and related information

2. Code Review

  • Review current code and regulatory requirements

  • ADA compliance

3. Recommendation

  • Replacement recommendations

  • Maintenance recommendations

  • Short-term and long- term remedial schedules

4. Cost Analysis

  • Opinion of cost for replacement items

  • 10 and 20-year cost cycle analysis

  • Cost estimates for maintenance

  • Prepurchase assessment
  • Reserve study

  • Existing condition assessment

  • Pre-construction assessment