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  • Concrete Facade Evaluation
  • Post-Tensoined Parking Garage Repair
  • Jumbotron Design
  • Lightning Damage Assessment
  • Historic Stone Roundhouse Rehabilitation
  • Luxury Townhouse Design
  • Concrete Facade Repairs
  • Prefabricated Masonry Panels Repairs
  • Gas Explosion Damage Assessment
  • Terra Cotta Facade Restoration
  • Steel Hopper Design
  • Double-Tee Parking Garage Repairs
  • Historic Statues Condition Assessment
Concrete Facade Evaluation1 Post-Tensoined Parking Garage Repair2 Jumbotron Design3 Lightning Damage Assessment4 Historic Stone Roundhouse Rehabilitation5 Luxury Townhouse Design6 Concrete Facade Repairs7 Prefabricated Masonry Panels Repairs8 Gas Explosion Damage Assessment9 Terra Cotta Facade Restoration10 Steel Hopper Design11 Double-Tee Parking Garage Repairs12 Historic Statues Condition Assessment13


Since 1994 SEE has provided innovative yet practical and cost-effective solutions to construction-related problems with high level of precision, quality, and professionalism. We have designed, evaluated, analyzed, and repaired many types of buildings, structures, structural systems, building components, and various building materials.  We have served a broad range of clients, from private owners to public agencies, from home owners to major corporations, from property management agents to asset management firms, and from law firms to insurance companies. To view representative completed projects, please click below.

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Featured Projects: 


Structural Analysis and Design

Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan
Jumbotron Scoreboard Analysis and Design

Lightning Damage Assessment

Prospect Commons
Mount Prospect, Illinois
Lightening Damage Assessment

Parking Garage Evaluation

700 Butterfield Road
Lombard, Illinois
Parking Garage Evaluation

Luxury Townhouse DesignEuclid Terrace  Townhouses
Oak Park, Illinois
Luxury Townhouse Complex