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Post-Tensoined Parking Garage Repair1 Lightning Damage Assessment2 Historic Stone Roundhouse Rehabilitation3 Concrete Facade Repairs4 Prefabricated Masonry Panels Repairs5 Terra Cotta Facade Restoration6


By combining strong educational background with extensive practical experience and field knowledge, SEE provides answers and solutions to problems in construction technology by emphasizing:

  1. Why did it fail?

  2. Is it safe?

  3. Are these cracks serious?

  4. How can it be kept watertight?

  5. Can it be repaired?

  6. What is the most appropriate and cost effective repair option?

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. provides comprehensive engineering and specialized consulting services in structural condition assessment, building material evaluation, and repair design. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of performance issues including; waterproofing, structural adequacy, durability, and energy efficiency. Our staff members offer a strong record of accomplishment in their areas of expertise. Each engineer works in several of these areas, ensuring a constant exchange of knowledge and innovative approaches to problem solving.



1. Evaluation and Remediation

Problems in construction science, such as deterioration, leakage, physical distress, and material damage, resulting from a wide variety of causes. We believe that a cause-and-effect relationship must be established between the performance problems and defects before the structure can be repaired effectively and efficiently. Our evaluation program, tailored to the specific requirements of each project may include the following.

  • Review of construction documents and other related information

  • Field assessment, testing, and structural analysis

  • Laboratory testing of samples from the structure

  • Identification of deficiencies in design, workmanship, materials, and/or maintenance, and their contribution to the problems

  • Precise written reports of findings, analysis, and conclusion

  • Cost analysis for recommended remedial program

2. Design

  • Structural analysis and detailing

  • Conceptual and final detailed designs

  • Preparation of contract documents, technical specifications, and drawings

  • Review of designs by others

  • Cost estimating

3. Contract Administration and Field
    Engineering Services

  • Assistance in obtaining and evaluating bids.

  • Submittal and shop drawing review.

  • Construction observations and monitoring.

  • Construction trouble shooting.

  • Contract administration and close-out services. 

1. Roofing and Waterproofing

  • Investigation of water infiltration and flashing deficiencies

  • Investigation of wind damage and systems attachment

  • Design of built-up, single ply, modified bitumen, as well as other roofing systems

  • Design of waterproofing and subsurface drainage systems for plazas and underground buildings

  • Design of waterproofing systems for parking garages

  • Evaluation and design of expansion joints

2. Exterior Building Facades

  • Investigation of structural distress and deterioration, development of repair program

  • Investigation of air and water leakage

  • Analysis of moisture migration/movement and accumulation within building envelops

  • Investigation of balconies and handrails

  • Evaluation of windows and doors, design of new or replacement windows and doors

  • Evaluation and design of exterior coatings

  • Investigation of sealant and caulking

3. Floors and Decks

  • Investigation of structural deterioration and development of remedial program

  • Investigation of water infiltration

  • Investigation of floor cracking and joints

  • Evaluation and design of expansion joints

  • Analysis and design of industrial and commercial floors

  • Evaluation and design of bridge decks and parking garages

  • Investigation and design of waterproofing systems

  • Investigation of floor coverings 

4. Foundations

  • Investigation of structural settlements and foundations movements

  • In situ evaluation of foundation systems

  • Design of remedial program to stabilize settlement

  • Investigation and repair of water seepage

5. Buildings Materials

  • Investigation and evaluation of material deterioration

  • Assessment of in- place properties of concrete, steel, masonry, stone, wood, GFRC, and bituminous materials

  • Evaluation and determination of properties and load-carrying capacity of historical material such as terra cotta, clay tile, cast/wrought irons, copper, stone and masonry.

  • Evaluation of adhesives and floor covering

  • Investigation and analysis of coatings, sealants, and waterproofing

  • Full scale load testing of structural components including entire structural systems

  • Non-destructive examination